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Every year, loneliness hurts as much as smoking! Yet loneliness is not something we talk highly about.

       In high school, more students feel lonely than 30 years ago, more have suicidal thoughts and every fifth young people are considering stopping their education.

Only one group is more lonely than the youngsters, and they are older than 75 years.


Here, too many die all alone, and even more people become seriously ill because of loneliness. This project is made to create attention and get people together.

Filter Film - Rødovre Bowlingcenter Stop Ensomhed
Filter Film - Rødovre Gymnasiet


One of the guys fell of the bike while we were shooting the bicycle scene."

“The charachter in the red sweater in the beginning was filmed without us noticing it.”

The last shot in the film is a tribute shot of our earlier short Flammen.”

“One of the guys actually made six strikes in a row while shooting."

Filter Film - Morten Lindemann Olsen
Filter Film - Rødovre Gymnasiete Stop Ensomhed


We are so happy to be a part of this project  where we put the focus on something that everybody feels now and then; loneliness.

Thanks to everybody at Rødovre Gymnasium, Rødovre kommune, Rødovre Bowlingcentre and Rasmus Brix for an amazing song.

FIlter Film - Crewshot Stop Ensomhed
Filter Film - Rødovre Gymnasiet
Filter Film - Rødovre Gymnasiet
Filter Film - Rødovre Gymnasiet
Filter Film - Stop Ensomhed
Filter Film - Stop Ensomhed


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