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Røgen (Smoke) is thought as a sequel to our earlier film Flammen (Flame). It is an odd and somewhat morbid interpretation of the classic story about the boy who cried wolf too many times, only here we see an old man at a retirement home yelling for cigarettes.

The film has been screened at Folkets Biograf in Copenhagen and received an honoral mention at the 2015 One-Take Festival in London.

Filter Film - Baard Owe in character
Filter Film - Recording sound inspired by sibelius


“The smoke at the end of the film, is the director blowing smoke into a garden hose from underneath the chair.”

“The cello recording is based on some rear and unrecorded material of Sibelius.”

“We had to make the entire retirement home shut down the firealarm system to kill the smoke alarms.”

“The director has worked at a retirement home in the past, playing out this scene over and over again.”

Filter Film - Morten Lindemann Olsen and Baard Owe in action
Filter Film - Filming on location in copenhagen


This was a technically difficult shot made on location at a retirement home. Huge thanks to all the staff and...

cool old people there that let us make this dark and somewhat strange comedy short.

FIlter Film - Arne Kristoffer Wang Holthe, Baard Owe and Morten Lindemann Olsen
Filter Film - Photographer Rasmus Quistgaard
Filter Film - Director Arne Kristoffer Wang Holthe trying to eat
Filter Film - Actor Morten Lindemann Olsen
Filter Film - Director Arne Kristoffer Wang Holthe setting up the shot
Filter Film - Recording studio Copenhagen
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