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Flammen tells the story about a young girl who is being bullied, and how she turnes the table and gets the upper hand. The idea is inspired by "The Matchstick Girl"

The film was nominated in the 2016 Minimalen short film festival, both nordic and norwegian competition. 

The film is our contribution in the process of stopping bullies, and to create awareness about the victims and the consequences  that follows.

The film premiered at a local cinema in Copenhagen where everybody who was a part of the production was invited to free unlimited popcorn. After the premiere we launched it as a promotional film againts bullying and it got over 21.000 views and hundreds of shares on FB in one week.

Filter Film - Directing the short film flammen
Filter Film - From the set of the short film flammen.


"Originally the band Wangel wanted to make the soundtrack, but had to pass on the project due to a gig at the Roskilde festival."

"The actor playing the bus driver, was given a bus driver uniform from a friend of his some years earlier."

"The kids on the bus are students at Valhøj school Cph. Morten was a primary school. leader for some of the kids back in 2008."

"One of the intro shots of the bus driving up to the camera, is filmed backwards, and was our final shot of the day."

Filter Film - Throwing waterbaloons on the set of the short film flammen
Filter Film - Independent filmmaking can't afford real coca cola.


With over thirty people from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, we managed to create something really unique and special.

This wouldn't have been possible without the creative combination of family, friends, parents and teachers. Thank you all! :)

FIlter Film - Ebbe Engmark playing the role of the angry bus driver.
Filter Film - The photographer Rasmus Quistgaard focusing on the task.
Filter Film - Crew shot from the short film Flammen.
Directing Filter Film's short film Flammen in Copenhagen summer 2015
Filter Film - Director Arne Kristoffer Wang Holthe and actress Mine Skovfoged Gezgin.
Filter Film - from the set of the short film flammen.
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