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Error is a somewhat surrealistic film on how our mobilepones has made us blind to extraordinary everyday magic; like a mansized bunny chasing a man with a shirt covered in blood. It is shot in the middle of the night in downtown Copenhagen; it was a crazy night.

Error was screened at Folkets Biograf in Copenhagen. Sometime after finalizing the project Error was chosen as one of the finalists at the 2015 short film contest hosted at Grønnskjerm in Oslo.

Filter Film - Crewshot from the short Error
Filter Film - manuscript


One of the chase-sequences was filmed from a bicycle to simulate a dolly-grip.”

“We actually had permission to shoot this, but the director forgot the permission

The title Error was actually the working title for the original title Terror.”

The shot of the mobile phone is the director in post-production.”

Filter Film - Copenhagen by night
Filter Film - movie magic


This was one of those films where everything went after the book.

Allthough the filming was completed 5:30 in the morning, it was definitely worth it.

FIlter Film - Morten Lindemann Olsen
Filter Film - chasing the man
Filter Film - pre production
Filter Film - Plan & Shoot
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